Camanche Hills Cattery

Here is some of our customer testimonials about our cats and cattery:

​​Sharon and Jack raise great kittens I have a male seal point that is such a great cat. My sister has three girls who are also beautiful cats. - Ken L.

​I have 2 Camanche Hills kitties out of Hersey and Heidi. They are healthy and confident, very loving with each other and with us. They can be a bit wild when they play and I love it as long as they aren't bouncing off of me! The Fishleighs raise these kittens right at a tender age. The first 9 weeks are super critical in cat development and Sharon really knows how to socialize her cat babies. Mine don't run up to strangers coming in the house, but they do warm up after a while and ask for attention. I think that is ideal, no drama and no hostility to folks visiting us. I love Chase and Skyler. Very beautiful kitties. - Kathleen R.

​I received the most wonderful Kitten ( CHER ) from them I can't thank them enough. They really know what there doing Cher is the most loving kitten I have ever seen. Everyone that has seen her wants to keep her. Thank you again for my forever friend. - Debby S.


Our experience was wonderful. From the moment I emailed Sharon with questions about her next litter, she emailed back promptly and took all of my silly questions about Balinese cats with care. We put a deposit on one of the kitties and from that week forward we got a photo with an update about our little guy every weekend! We loved watching him grow. It made us feel so connected to him. Our kitty was litter box trained from the moment we brought him home. My mother is allergic to cats and we picked a Balinese because of their “supposed” hypoallergenic qualities but we didn’t know if it was true. IT IS! My mom hasn’t sneezed once! She can hold him and she has not had any reactions! This was huge for us! He is so sweet and sleeps with us in our bed. He loves to cuddle. He is great with my 3 year old daughter too. The whole process with Camanche Hills Cattery has been wonderful and I seriously recommend them! These cats are beautiful, sweet and you can tell they were raised in a warm loving environment. - Dana N.