‚ÄčWelcome to Camanche Hills Cattery!!!

The origins of Camanche Hills Cattery started back in 1986. Sharon Fishleigh purchased her first Siamese cat and named it Odie. Odie was a faithful pet and moved from Ohio to California with the family. Odie passed away but the connection never faded.

In 2013, Sharon wanted to become a cat breeder and chose to breed Balinese cats. Her first Balinese was named Misty. Misty was the first queen in the cattery and her first litter was born in April 2014.

Since April 2014, Camanche Hills Cattery has sold over 150 Balinese kittens!

Sharon passed away in October 2022. She may be gone but the cattery will continue in the vision she left for the family.

Camanche Hills Cattery