Our kittens are sold as Pets ONLY! 

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All our Males and Females at Camanche Hills Cattery  are registered with The Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association, The Cat Fanciers Federation, Inc.  and/or American Cat Association.

Camanche Hills Cattery

Welcome to our Cattery!

We are a Cattery in the hills overlooking Lake Camanche!  Our cats have been raised as loving family members.  We are specializing in  SIAMESE and BALINESE.   The varieties we raise are Balinese Shorthair and Siamese Cats.   There are no wedge head cats here, we only have traditional cats and old fashioned applehead cats!  We are specializing in quality cats, not quantity, as we strive  to offer the best cats and kittens.  Our original breeding stock has been purchased locally in California at Pacific Coast Siamese, Tresorcats,  and at To-Lyn Cattery who all have excellent kittens!

Enjoy our photos, and call or e-mail any questions you may have.