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Here is our kitten contract

Kitten Agreement of Sale  

Date of Agreement _____________________________________________________________
This agreement must be signed prior to kitten leaving our premises!

Camanche Hills Cattery  
Jack Fishleigh
Chesterland, OH  44026
1-440-781-8923 (Cell)  email:

Buyer _________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

Phone # _________________________________________________

E-mail __________________________________________________

Camanche Hills Cattery (Seller) has agreed to sell the above buyer, the kitten described below for:

            Total Price                                 $__________________________________________

            Less Deposit Made:                 $____________________________________________
            Balance Due:                             $__________________________________________

Separate agreements are to be made for each kitten with multiple kitten purchases.  Checks will be accepted for balances, made payable to Jack Fishleigh.    For the balance due, checks must clear our bank (usually takes 14 days) prior to the kitten pickup.  No checks will be accepted on pickup day only cash!

Kitten Pick Up Date __________________________________________________

Name of Kitten _____________________________________________________________

Sex _______________________________ Color _____________________________________

Breed ____________________________________________Born ________________________________

Father ______________________________________________________________________________

Mother _______________________________________________________________________________

Sold as:          ___  PET (No Breeding Rights)             

As a pet, Spaying and Neutering is REQUIRED prior to age of 6 months for males or females.  Per our Veterinarian, they recommend to spay / neuter at 4 to 5 months. Your kitten should weigh approximately 4 - 5 pounds before having this surgery.  Buyer agrees NOT to let their kitten produce any offspring. 

Health Guarantee:   Your kitten will be guaranteed to be free from feline leukemia virus (Fel,V) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)    We encourage the buyer to have your kitten checked by your veterinarian within a 72 hour period, after picking up from Camanche Hills Cattery.   If your kitten is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, you must contact Camanche Hills Cattery immediately.  Upon the kittens return, Camanche Hills Cattery reserves the right to replace the kitten with another kitten of equal value.  If no replacement kitten is available at this time, we have 1 year to provide this comparable kitten.  We will not accept a kitten for replacement after the 72 hour time period.  The seller will not honor any guarantee if the kitten has contacted and died from a virus that was from contact with another cat not bred at our Cattery.  If your kitten dies within the guaranteed 72 hour period,  despite medical treatment, the kitten will be replaced ONLY if a licensed veterinarian certified the cause of death.  It is the sellers right to ask for the kitten to be returned for identification prior to providing a replacement.  Buyer will be responsible for ALL veterinarian fees after kitten has left Camanche Hills Cattery.  NO CASH REFUNDS  are to be made.  By purchasing this kitten, you will agree to not with hold medical attention when needed.  
Non Payments:   If payments are not completed by stated dates above, the seller reserves the right to keep the deposit and place the kitten with another buyer with no further recourse.  Deposits may be refunded once kitten is placed with another buyer.

Vaccinations:  Your kitten will be receiving an inoculation of Fel-O-Vax PCT + CalciVax (or equivalent that is available) at their age of 7-8 weeks and at 11-12 weeks, for (1) Panaleukopenia, (2) viral Rhinotracheitis, and (3) feline Calicivirus.  You will be given a care sheet with all inoculations received and care instructions.  Due to possible side effects, we do not immunize for FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) or Feline Leukemia.  Upon buyer's first veterinarian visit it is suggested that the buyer discuss the FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) vaccines with their veterinarian and proceed according to the veterinarian's suggestion at that time.  Kittens will also receive a preventative worming dose with Drontal prior to going to their new home.

Recommendations for kitten: 

1.  Have a comfortable place for them the first few days.  They need a smaller space (like a single room) so they do not get lost and scared in an unfamiliar home if left alone!
2. The kitten should be fed a premium food. We are feeding Royal Canin Mother and Baby dry food and either Royal Canin Mother and Baby or Fancy Feast Kitten Food.
3.  If you decide to feed another type of cat food, please introduce it slowly, mixed with the Royal Canin dry and/or Royal Canin or Fancy Feast Kitten Canned Cat food as sudden changes may result in episodes of diarrhea.
4.  Your kitten needs frequent and kind human attention.  Also, please provide generous amounts of play and exercise.
5.  Your kitten should not be caged except for short-term confinements if necessary.
6.  You should not use clay clumping cat litter as it may cause intestinal blockages if eaten by your kitten.

By signing this agreement, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the kitten's sale.





We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten to any individual at any time, as our first concern is for the well-being of our cats!

 (Revised 9/21/2023) Sample  Kitten Agreement of Sale