From Geoff & Kelly, Ventura, CA

Geoff wrote "Your kittens are simply the best – wonderful temperament, tolerant, relaxed (at times), friendly, outgoing, and most of all – loving. The breeding lines you have established produce kittens & cats that are the envy of everyone who has met Bodhi. Kelly and I are so thankful we found you and found Bodhi through you!

Best wishes for the holiday season and the new year! We’ll keep you updated on Bodhi’s progress and adventures!"


From Alison, Mercer Island, WA

I wanted to send you a couple of photos of our amazing boy, Theodore!  I brought him home with me for my winter break and he is getting along SO well with our big fuzzy dog!  :)

From Karen, Santa Maria, CA

 "Chips loves to help make/unmake the bed in the morning and at bedtime. He's such a big help! He is growing and getting so big...7# now. He loves to play , especially with "Da Bird" but also is a lover and loves lap time. My vet is in love with him too! We are sooo glad we found your cattery!!😻"


From Debbie & Mark, Madera County, CA

They are really quality kitties. Sweet personalities and so smart.  Foxie is thicker and Minnie fits her name... She's smaller as far as her frame but she's always running around while Foxie eats more and watches her play .... Haha. Both have tons of energy and so sweet natured . 


Previous Kittens & Comments

From Jason & Stacie, Palmdale, CA

Just thought I would send a pic or two. They are growing fast and seem to love the house and their brother Ryker ( a Yorkie). He cleans them and let's them jump all over him. Thank you again for sharing Kona and Ka'La with us. 

From Debby, Lodi, CA

I received the most wonderful Kitten ( CHER ) from them I can't thank them enough. They really know what there doing Cher is the most loving kitten I have ever seen. Everyone that has seen her wants to keep her. Thank you again for my forever friend



From Christal, Acampo, CA

The kittens are such a source of joy in our lives. Cabi is still a mommy, taking care of us and Zinny. Where Zinny is the most friendly, talkative, loving animal. He is all boy running, jumping and very tough. She is all girl, very petite, soft and sweet, stealing flower petals to play with. They are totally different but so great together. We are thrilled we have them.

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