This page updated 5/26/2020.

My Bali Si Chewbacca of Pacific Coast

Balinese Chocolate Point Long Hair

From Pacific Coast Siamese, Volcano, CA (Feb. 24,2020)

Dad:  MyBali Si Moe

Mom:  MyBali Si Oria

​Registered:  CFF and TICA.

Our Boys!

          Camanche Hills Luma 

          Seal Point Balinese Short Hair 

            Bred at Camanche Hills Cattery

            Mom:  Camanchehill's Heidi   

            Dad:  To-Lyn Hershey of Camanchehill

          Registered:  CFA, CFF and TICA. ​​


Pacificsiam Dakota

Coming Soon:  YODA

Camanche Hills Cattery

​​Coming Soon in 2020! 

 The return of Pacificsiam Dakota, a registered male Siamese!   ​   A  younger kitten, a Long Hair Balinese, to be named       YODA, hopefully both can   both travel  here in 2 months.