Camanche Hills Cattery

MISTY:  Misty was our first cat to start our cattery and it is very hard to re-home her!  She was born in March 2013 and is a Balinese short hair Lilac Point.  Misty had an accident in October and had to have her back leg amputated, so now she is a "Tri-Pod Kitty."  She is adapting very well!  

Older Kittens and Adults for Sale:

We are finally in contract for the sale of our home in Ione, CA.  We have discovered that there will not be enough room to take all the cats we had hoped to take.  

We need to re-home two of our most loved Mom's, Daisy and Misty.  Each girl is a retired breeder and has been spayed.  The best home for both will be an adult only home without pets.  The older cats generally do take longer to settle into their new homes.   See info regarding each cat below:

If you are interested in either cat or both, please let us know as soon as possible!  

Page updated................3/14/2019

DAISY:  Daisy is our most lovable girl, but tends to be shy!  She is the typical cat that sleeps most of the day and comes to life in the evening!  She loves to throw her mice and try to catch them and snuggle on your lap or just beside me!  She was born in August of 2014 and has been spayed.  She is a short hair Balinese Cat!  Daisy is Misty's and Bruiser's Daughter!