Seal Point

The Seal Points have Dark Brown faces, ears, feet and tails.  Their bodies darken to a darker tan color and they too have the beautiful blue eyes.

Lilac Point

Lilacs are a light taupe-gray color.  They have taupe-gray ears, tail, feet and faces. The body color darkens with a gray cast as they age.   They also have the beautiful blue eyes!

​3 Years Old

These are the four colors of Siamese/Balinese Cats:

2 Years Old

​2 Years Old

1 1/2 years old

The larger photos are of an adult and the smaller photos are a younger kitten of the same color.   Kittens are born pure white and the point colors become more pronounced the older the cats become!

Blue Point

Blue Point have gray faces, ears, feet and tails.   Their bodies darken as they age with a gray cast.  All of our cats have beautiful blue eyes.

Camanche Hills Cattery

Chocolate Point

The Chocolate Points have a lighter Chocolate Brown faces, ears, feet and tails.  Their body color darkens as they age to a light to darker tan and they also have the gorgeous blue eyes!

​5 Years Old

1 1/2 years old