Camanche Hills Cattery

1 1/2 years old

The larger photos are of an adult and the smaller photos are a younger kitten of the same color.   Kittens are born pure white and the point colors become more pronounced the older the cats become!

​2 Years Old

Chocolate Point

The Chocolate Points have a lighter Chocolate Brown faces, ears, feet and tails.  Their body color darkens as they age to a light to darker tan and they also have the gorgeous blue eyes!

Blue Point

Blue Point have gray faces, ears, feet and tails.   Their bodies darken as they age with a gray cast.  All of our cats have beautiful blue eyes.

1 1/2 years old

Lilac Point

Lilacs are a light taupe-gray color.  They have taupe-gray ears, tail, feet and faces. The body color darkens with a gray cast as they age.   They also have the beautiful blue eyes!

2 Years Old

​3 Years Old

​5 Years Old

These are the four colors of Siamese/Balinese Cats:

Seal Point

The Seal Points have Dark Brown faces, ears, feet and tails.  Their bodies darken to a darker tan color and they too have the beautiful blue eyes.