5 Little kittens were born 7/21/2022!


Pink bow    Female   

Chocolate point

All kittens will be short hair.


We reserve the right to first choice of any litter for our cattery!

We are not shipping kittens at this time!

Lilac bow     Female    Lilac Point

​Kittens can be short or long hair Balinese!

I want to thank everyone who has patiently been on our Notification List!  We will be going back to the original way of offering our kittens when they are available to everyone.  Hoping this will stop the ill feelings I am getting from people that can’t get a kitten on our Notification List immediately! 

I will announce the birth of the kittens and then when I can tell sexes and colors, I will be offering them to everyone at my website and Facebook Page.  As normal, please do not send a deposit until you have selected a kitten and I let you know to send the deposit.  There is no PayPal fee for you on your deposit.

Gabby’s kittens are 4 weeks old now, and I will start posting more photos next week. 

I will be going into hospital again tomorrow for another quick surgery.  It may be a few days till I am ready to start posting again, don’t give up, just email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Camanche Hills Cattery

  Next scheduled litters:


Blue bow    Male     Blue point


New Litters!

Page updated -  8/7/2022

Deposits will be taken only after kitten of your choice is identified!  Deposits to reserve each kitten are a minimum of $500.00 payable by PayPal.  Balance due will be payable in Cash or cleared PayPal/Check on take home date!  PayPal included PayPal Fee for Balance only.

(We name our little ones with the bow color they are wearing.  You can then rename your little kitten(s) in your preferred name!

Lime bow    Male   Chocolate point


Please contact us prior to placing any deposit.



Kittens for Sale! 

Kitten photos taken 7/19/2022.


$500 Deposit to reserve kitten​


​Our kittens are sold as PETS  ONLY!!  

If you need a breeder (registered catteries only) please call us.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten to any individual at any time, as our first concern is the well being of our cats!

Gabrielle (AKA Gabby)


​​ PayPal

$1037.00 Balance for all Kittens

Camanche Hills Cattery