​Our kittens are sold as PETS  ONLY!!  

If you need a breeder (registered catteries only) please call us.

Keep watching for more litters to be scheduled!


Orange Bow

Blue Point

Chewbacca (Chewy)

Chocolate Point Balinese

CFF & TICA Registered

This litter will be possibly all 4 colors, Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.   Mom and Dad are long hair carriers, so the kittens could be long, short or plush coats.

Page updated -  1-17-2022


Green Bow

Chocolate Point

Deposits will be taken only after kitten of your choice is identified!  Deposits to reserve each kitten are a minimum of $500.00 payable by PayPal.  Balance due will be payable in cash or cleared PayPal/Check on take home date!

(We name our little ones with the bow color they are wearing.  You can then rename your little kitten(s) in your preferred name!

Gabriella (Gabby)

Seal Point Balinese

CFF & ACA Registered

We reserve the right to first choice of any litter for our cattery!

We are not shipping kittens at this time!

Yoda and Kailee should be having their next litter Jan. 28th, 2022!

  Next scheduled litters:



Waiting for confirmation of breeding for Sassi-Frass and Chewbacca!


Please contact us prior to placing any deposit.

Camanche Hills Cattery


Gabrella and Chewbacca had kittens Nov. 16, 2021.



Purple Bow

Seal Point


Thank you everyone who replied.  Our Notification List is now full and will be opened later this year for new names.


We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten to any individual at any time, as our first concern is the well being of our cats!

​​ PayPal

$727.00 Balance for all Kittens


$500 Deposit to reserve kitten​

Kittens for Sale!