Please contact us prior to placing a deposit.


Short Hair Balinese


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Lexie & Luma had their one kitten 1-29-2020.

If you would like to get on our notification list, please go to our contact us page and tell us what you would like, the sex, the color(s) and long or short hair.  If you have no preferences in sex color or hair length just say any.  When we receive the information, we will place you on our notification list and give you a confirmation email.


Long Hair Balinese


Kittens are here!

To Make a Kitten

Deposit of $300.00.

Next Litter:

Gabrielle & Chewbacca

​Due Date  April, 2020!

Page updated - 2-16-2020

Deposits will be taken only after kitten of your choice is identified!  Deposits to reserve each kitten are a minimum of $300.00 payable by PayPal.  Balance due will be payable in cash or cleared PayPal/Check on take home date!

(If our kittens are named, it will be for identifications purposes only,  you will be able to rename and send for their registration papers in their correct name.)

Camanche Hills Cattery

Kitten Total Pricing:

Long Hair Balinese                           $1000.00

Short Hair Balinese                            $800.00

Siamese                                               $800.00

Kittens for Sale! 


Short Hair Balinese



​Long Hair Balinese


We reserve the right to first choice of any litter for our cattery!

We are not shipping kittens at this time!

2 1/2 weeks old!